PMP250 Series

Compact Class I/Class II 220-250 Watt Medical AC-DC External Power Supply

December 2018, Hudson MA – Protek Power North America is pleased to announce its new PMP250 Series of 220-250 Watt, medical ac/dc switching external power supplies. The PMP250 Series delivers between 220 and 250 watts of continuous output power with a choice of Class I or Class II AC inlets, allowing compatibility for world-wide use. […]

Technical Bulletin – October 2018

New RoHS Laws on the Horizon:(EU) 2015/863 Goes Into Effect In July Most people working in the electronics industry are at least somewhat familiar with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, or RoHS. RoHS is an evolving piece of European legislation that aims to protect electronics consumers from chemical substances known to detriment human health. […]