Technical Bulletin – May 2018

High-Power Desktop Adaptor Considerations and Solutions

One of very first design decisions made when developing the power infrastructure for a new electronic device is whether the AC/DC conversion engine will live inside the product, or external to it. There a number of factors that drive the decision, such as end product size and mobility, thermal constraints, and safety considerations. AC to DC power conversion generates a non-negligible amount of heat, requires the use of heavy magnetic components, and necessitates safe and appropriate treatment of hazardous high voltages. Each of these factors can be a cumbersome milestone to overcome when designing an electronic product with an internal power supply. For that reason, more and more products are being designed with external, enclosed power adaptors. This puts the onus of thermal management and hazardous voltage management on the power supply manufacturer alone, and also facilitates the size and weight optimization of the actual end product. The trend of external power conversion began with lower power products, but the demand for higher and higher power external solutions continues to grow.
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